Welcome to my online portfolio of 3D environmental art and assets for next-gen video games. I have studied at the Art Institute of California at Los Angeles, majoring in Game Art and Design, with an emphasis in 3D modeling and texturing using 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and Zbrush. My goal is to enter a leading game development studio as an environmental artist.

I am driven by an intense passion for games, which has led me on my chosen education and career path. I have studied for over three years at the Art Institute, and during that time I have learned to hone my skills in 3D modeling and texturing, a skill which I developed while working on the school's Game Wizards production team, working as part of a team effort in creating an original game project using the Unreal engine. During that time, I have learned to work with given deadlines and accept feedback from several fronts, including lead artists, instructors and peers. Furthermore, I am able to adapt to the pace of technology, given the advent of the latest generation of consoles and the new breakthroughs in graphics quality and gameplay.